USASBE Social Entrepreneurship Certificate




The cost to enroll in the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, which covers attendance in the seven Modules, assessment of a final deliverable from the enrollee, and access to the above-described resources provided is $1,500.

Modules 1 will be taught in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11, and Modules 2 and 3 on Wednesday, October 12. Modules 4, 5, and 6 are held at the USASBE annual conference location, this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in January of 2017. Module 7, the culminating Module, which includes presentations by the Certificate Program enrollees will be conducted by videoconference within a few months after the USASE annual conference in early 2017.

You will need to register for the GW October Conference in addition to registering for the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. Enrollees starting in the Program in Washington DC in October, 2016 will be given a special code for free registration at the GW October Conference. Details regarding the GW October Conference are available on the conference website at


For more information about the USASBE Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program please contact Patrick Snyder at, or Tony Luppino at or Tony Mendes at


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