USASBE 2016 Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

We are currently accepting new enrollees for the USASBE Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program cohort in Washington DC this October. Complimentary registration to the GW October Conference will be extended for all new enrollees. Don’t miss out! 

The USASBE Special Interest Certificate Program began in 2012 with the introduction of the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, which has now graduated four classes, has proven extremely popular and very successful. It currently includes the following seven Modules, each approximately three clock hours in length:

1. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
2. Identifying and Assessing Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities
3. Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship
4. Dynamic Business Models
5. Funding Social Ventures/ Plan Development
6. Measuring the Impact of Social Ventures
7. Implementing the Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum or Venture Plan

Contingent upon sufficient interest, the next cohort in the USASBE Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program will be hosted during the pre-conference of GW October 2016. Anyone interested in the program should enroll directly on this site (link below) or call Bonnie Nolan at 262-472-1311 or email at to add your name to the interest list. 

If the cohort does begin at GW October 2016, Module 1 “Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship” will be presented the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11. Module 2 “Identifying and Assessing Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities” and Module 3 “Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship” will be presented on Wednesday, October 12. Also, new enrollees will be given a special code for free registration to the GW October Conference.

Module 4 “Dynamic Business Models”, Module 5 “Funding Social Ventures/Plan Development” and Module 6 “Measuring the Impact of Social Ventures” will be presented at the USASBE 2017 Conference in Philadelphia. The final Module 7 “Implementing the Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum and Venture Planning” is presented via videoconferencing. A final decision on beginning the cohort will be made by September 9, 2016.


The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate is ideally suited for faculty who are considering a new course in Social Entrepreneurship or others who wish to improve a current course with state-of-the-art curriculum enhancements. Participants may also include non-profit leaders who are interested in the latest trends in social enterprise and social entrepreneurs interested in launching a new social venture. The final product (required for completion of the certificate) is a fully developed syllabus or business plan for a social venture. Upon completion of the certificate, a letter of accomplishment will be sent to the designated official at the college or university where the social entrepreneurship course will be offered or to an official at another applicable organization for enrollees other than college or university faculty.


The cost to enroll in the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, which covers attendance in the seven Modules, assessment of a final deliverable from the enrollee, and access to the above-described resources provided is $1,500. Enrollees in the Washington DC program will be given a special code for free registration at the GW October 2016 Conference.


Interested, but not ready to enroll? Contact us below

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