2016 Conference

USASBE 2016 Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

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We are currently accepting new enrollees for the USASBE Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program in Washington DC on October 11-12, 2016. Don’t miss out!

We are pleased to announce another opportunity for individuals interested in Social Entrepreneurship. USASBE will launch its eighth cohort in the Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program this October at the GW Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. (see http://www.gwoctober.com/). 

For this new cohort there are seven workshops (“Modules”) that, along with a written deliverable (course syllabus or social venture business plan), are required for completion of the Certificate Program.

The seven Modules are:
1. Intro to Social Entrepreneurship
2. Identifying and Assessing Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities
3. Legal Issues in Social Entrepreneurship
4. Dynamic Business Models
5. Development of Business Plan and Funding
6. Measuring Impact of Social Ventures
7. Implementing the Social Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Modules 1, 2, and 3 will be offered in Washington, D.C. for new enrollees starting at the GW Conference in October. Module 1 will be presented in the morning and Module 2 in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 11, and Module 3 presented in the morning of Wednesday, October 12. Participants in those Modules at GW will also have free admittance to the GW Conference (including event meals).

The new enrollees who take the first three Modules at the GW conference can then take Modules 4, 5 and 6 at the USASBE 2017 conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Jan. 19-22, 2017). Module 4 will be presented in the morning and Module 5 in the afternoon of Friday, January 20, and Module 6 presented in the morning of Saturday, January 21. Module 7 (the final Module, which includes mini presentations by participants of 10 minutes) will be conducted by video conference, on a day a time to be mutually determined by the enrollees and the Certificate Program administrators.


The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate is ideally suited for faculty who are considering a new course in Social Entrepreneurship or others who wish to improve a current course with state-of-the-art curriculum enhancements. Participants may also include non- profit leaders who are interested in the latest trends in social enterprise. The final product (required for completion of the certificate) is a fully developed syllabus or business plan for a Social Venture. Upon completion of the certificate, a letter of accomplishment will be sent to the designated official at the university where the social entrepreneurship course will be offered.


Registration in the Certificate Program is open to interested individuals who are current members of USASBE or become members of USASBE in conjunction with enrolling in the Program. Enrollment in the Certificate Program requires payment of a $1,500 registration fee.


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We anticipate openings going quickly, so if you are interested please contact Patrick Snyder at psnyder@usasbe.org, Tony Mendes at mendesa@umkc.edu, or Tony Luppino at luppinoa@umkc.edu