2016 Conference

GW October Conference Program

From local to regional policies, the effect that Small and Medium Enterprises have on economies is essential and ever more increasing. SMEs play a vital role in sustaining communities, providing and creating jobs, and paving new untouched markets. At this years GW October Conference, various panelists and exhibitors will come together to strategize and formulate new and innovative ideas on how to further increase the vital roles SMEs already play.

Located in the heart of D.C. the GW October Conference will bring together the foremost political, business, and academic leaders to help foster entrepreneurship and SME development. With our specific theme focusing around connecting to untapped markets and opportunities, GW October Conference plans to put forth new ideas and strategies to further open up SMEs to the global market.

Here are a few topics that will be discussed during the GW October Conference:

  • Fostering high-growth potential firms
  • Developing entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Supporting business incubators, accelerators, early stage funding, mentorship
  • Facilitating skills development & technology extension
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship awareness
  • Promoting women’s entrepreneurship
  • Fostering entrepreneurship in rural areas and transition economies
  • SME skills upgrading
  • Connecting SMEs to markets and investors; and
  • Showcase of entrepreneurs supported by the World Bank Group.
  • Entrepreneurship and Diaspora
  • Entrepreneurship and Gender

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