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2018 GW Conference

ISBN-13: 978-1-7324980-0-6

Emerging Trends in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Finance View
Mariya Yesseleva-Pionka

Financing Structure of Indonesian SMEs: Gender Differences regarding Peking Order Theory  View
Prima Naomi

Assessment of Political Instability on Entrepreneurial Posture in Burundi View
Florence Nisabwe

Social Network Blockages and Effective Entrepreneurial Strategies: A Study of Women Entrepreneurs in Iran

Sheela Pandey

Measuring Entrepreneurial Ecosystems’ Effectiveness: The Triple E Scale View
Constant D. Beugre

Innovation, risk and proactivity strategies: Is there a relation with the business geographical acting areas?  View
Nelson Duarte

Determinants of progress through the entrepreneurial ladder in Latin America  View
Germán Lambardi

Direct Support vs. Indirect Support: Towards an Optimal Policy Mix for R&D Investment of Korean SMEs View
Juil Kim

Sustaining Performance in Turbulent Times: Identifying, Developing, and Expanding Core Activites View
Isabelle Piot-Lepetit

2017 GW Conference

On October 26th and 27th, The George Washington University School of Business in conjunction with the International Council for Small Business hosted the 8th Annual GW October Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference. The conference theme was New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship and the Definiiton of Work. The conference brought together practitioners, educators, policy makers and industry CEOs and leaders to explore the concept of the new entrepreneurial frontiers like automation and universal basic income – identifying key stakeholders and how they can collaborate for success.

Industrial automation and artificial intelligence are bringing rapid changes to the workplace. This is particularly true in fields such as defense, healthcare, education and in the service sector. In 2014, Forrester research estimated that U.S. business to business (B2B) online sales revenues were a $1 trillion. This staggering statistic help illustrate how quickly B2B, or wholesale ecommerce, made inroads in the marketplace. In 2017, the quickening of technology in business interactions has not only increased to all business sectors but is impacting day-to-day transactions globally

Leading academic researchers, development experts, and policymakers from across the globe will share examples of new and innovative SME policy programs dealing with radical and dynamic markets; examine insights from policy design research; discuss the role of high-growth firms; and promote the importance of entrepreneurship as a key driver of innovation and sustainable development.

Topics of discussion/presentation include:

  • Fostering high-growth potential firms
  • Developing entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Business-to-Business models
  • Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship
  • Role of business incubators, accelerators, early stage funding, mentorship
  • Connecting SMEs to markets and investors; and
  • Sustainable Development Goals and SMEs
  • Role of Governments in policy development
  • Access to new types of Capital
  • Role of Development agencies in promoting new and innovative business opportunities
  • The Sharing Economy and its impact on existing businesses
  • The Youth and Gender impact
  • Universal Basic Income and Future of Work

2016 GW Conference

Over 150 participants from 17 different countries attended GW October 2016, which took place at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Further, the World Bank Live stream hosted over 4,500 unique visitors and there were 284 mentions on social media with the hashtag #gwoctober. In total, the conference generated over 392,000 impressions. Top co’s: Egypt, Morocco and Brazil.