Thank you for attending GW October 2016! Promoting SMEs to Drive Growth

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WHEN: Oct. 13-14, 2016
WHERE: World Bank Group Headquarters and George Washington University, Washington, DC


The World Bank Group and the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) are hosting the seventh GW October Annual Entrepreneurship Conference. The event will bring together policymakers and experts from around the world to share insights on how to support small and medium enterprises and promote entrepreneurship as a key driver of local growth and innovation.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an increasingly significant role in the socio-economic development strategies of many countries. For the past three decades, the private sector has been the main driver of economic growth and poverty reduction around the world. By encouraging entrepreneurship, governments have been able to increase wealth generation, market access, job creation, and skills development.

At this conference, leading academic researchers, development experts, and policymakers from across the globe will share examples of successful SME policy programs; examine insights from policy design research; discuss the role of high-growth firms; and promote the importance of entrepreneurship as a key driver of innovation and sustainable development.

Topics of discussion/presentation include:

  • Fostering high-growth potential firms
  • Developing entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Supporting business incubators, accelerators, early stage funding, mentorship
  • Facilitating skills development & technology integration
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship awareness
  • Promoting women’s entrepreneurship
  • Fostering entrepreneurship in rural areas and transition economies
  • SME skills upgrading
  • Connecting SMEs to markets and investors; and
  • Entrepreneurship and Diaspora
  • Entrepreneurship and Gender
  • Humane Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Development Goals and SMEs

Conference News & Updates

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Recap (2015): The Gala Dinner

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