SDGS for a Better World

The 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development relies on the cooperation of governments, businesses and citizens as it works toward a better future for us all. Despite setbacks, SDGs have […]

Tech for the Future

As technology increases, it is critical to understand both the positive potential and the negative impact it can have. This seminar looks at broad technological trends and their impact on […]

Humane Entrepreneurship

As we approach the next era of human development, humane business practices offer a solution for economic and social growth. Come learn about how equitable not only can be profitable […]

HR Coffee Hour With The GWU SHRM Student Chapter

Do you question the validity of your chosen career path since COVID-19? Do you wonder about the security of employment moving forward? Don't be afraid to think outside of the […]

Financing to Grow

This session is dedicated to understanding how providing financial backing to entrepreneurs helps to expand cultural and social values, and grow better businesses.

Family Business – Reimagined

A new normal has yet to settle, but business must continue. With the onslaught of new covid virus variants like Delta, how do Family Businesses Reimagine, Reboot, and Relaunch to […]

The Secrets to Customer Loyalty

With ever-increasing customer choice, why should they purchase from you? Discover the secrets behind customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.