Entrepreneurial Marketing: Integrating the Dichotomies

The COVID-19 pandemic has demanded a new perspective in managing marketing organizations. True marketers must be able to identify the dichotomies that exist within the organization (between creativity vs productivity, innovation vs improvement, entrepreneurship vs professionalism, and leadership vs management) and integrate them to face the challenges in the time of crisis. Led by: Mr. […]

Nourishing Resilience with Mindful Movement

Nourishing Resilience with Mindful Movement Presenters: Yael Flusberg, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, RMT, MS, of the GW Center for Integrative Medicine, and Leigh Frame, PhD, MHS, associate director, GW Resiliency & Well-being Center Mindful movement allows us to check in with our bodies and get moving in a way that can help us lower stress, release stagnant […]

Building the Bridge Between Service and Social Media

We frequently see sponsored social media ads promoting products for purchase. Have you ever considered using the same tools to grow your business by providing a free service? During the pandemic when many people found themselves in resource-scarce situations, Liberty Writes provided a service to communities worldwide - which resulted in astronomical growth for the […]

Creativity and Improvisation: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Creativity, experimentation, empathy, play, and reflection are key skills in developing a successful entrepreneurial mindset. In this informative and hilarious session by Professor Stuart Levy, participants are encouraged to test these skills through a variety of improvisational exercises including pitch presentations. Attendees will appreciate how embracing failure is key to entrepreneurship and life in general. […]

Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

We are all born with a unique set of gifts, including various levels of creativity and innovation. Did you know that these skills can be increased with practice? Join us as we have fun and explore exercises that foster and grow your imagination. After all..."Creativity is intelligence having fun" -- Albert Einstein   Led by: […]

The Impact of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting in Hospitality and Tourism

Many studies suggest that companies with robust environmental, social & governance (ESG) practices showed strong financial performance, improved operational efficiencies, and increased sustainability in management systems. Considering the unique nature of travel and tourism, the importance of ESG reporting is no exception to the hospitality and tourism industry. In this session, we will discuss the […]

HR Coffee Hour With The GWU SHRM Student Chapter

Do you question the validity of your chosen career path since COVID-19? Do you wonder about the security of employment moving forward? Don't be afraid to think outside of the box with your career planning. Join the GWU SHRM Student Chapter President, Ursula Martin, during this wonderful Sync Session, to delve into creative ways of […]

Breaking Barriers & Changing Boundaries: Redefining a Woman’s Role in the Arab World

“As women, we have too many responsibilities: We are daughters, We are mothers, We are wives, We are engineers, We are lawyers, We are doctors, We are entrepreneurs, We are caregivers to family members old and young which contributes to us having the lowest rate of labor force participation in the Arab peninsula. And yet, […]